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Write Way Designs Team Susana Maria Rosende, Brian Christopher Lutz, Jue Zou Lutz, Joseph Robert Gillotti, Patrick Barbarin, and Sharon Manning
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Specific Services

Joseph Robert Gillotti

Software Engineer, Web Programmer, Reliability Engineer
Network Engineer, System Administrator, Technical Support

Contact Joe:
Web Programmer/System Admin ResumeWeb Programming/System Admin RESUME
Blog: jrgp's Rants Gentlemen and Scholar Web Hosting

Brian Christopher Lutz
Composer and Song Writer
Copywriter and Technical Writer
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Interviewing Coach
Music and Guitar Instructor, Musician, Creative Writer,
Poet, Tutor, and Trainer

Contact Brian:
Junior Technical Writer/Copywriter Resume
Music Bio and Samples
Film Composer

Jue Zou Lutz
Advertising and Marketing Guru,
Translator English/Mandarin Chinese

Contact Jue (pronounced "Jway"):
Marketing Manager Resume (Word 2003) Profile
Twitter.coom Profile "@IMCerJuliette"

Susana Maria Rosende, President
Technical Writer, Editor, English/Spanish Translator/Interpreter,
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Interviewing Coach
Illustrator, Cartoonist, Photographer, Designer

Contact Susana Rosende at and 407-670-9554
Contact Susana:
TechCom Manager/Senior Staff Technical Writer

Patrick Barbarin
English/French Technical Translator

English/French Technical Translation at Write Way Designs
Contact Patrick at:
+33 (0) 322 235 891
English/French Technical Translator Resume Profile Profile

Sharon Manning
Bookkeeper/Copywriter/Creative Writer/Poet

Poet/Copywriter at Write Way Designs
Contact Sharon at:
1-561-844-8688 or 1-561-389-4865 (cell)
Bookkeeper/Copywriter Resume

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Susana: technical writing, copywriting, creative writing, translation & interpretation (English/Spanish), illustration, photography, cartooning, design | 1-407-670-9554 | 1-321-200-0073

Joe: software programming, back-end website programming,
systems & server administration, networking, PC repair | | 1-407-421-8593

Brian: copywriting, creative writing, poetry, technical writing, music composition,
Music theory & basic piano & classical guitar instruction,
song writing, lyrics, script doctoring, play writing, musicals | 1-407-492-6507 | 1-407-492-6572

Jue: advertising, SEO, marketing, translation & interpretation (English/Mandarin Chinese) | 1-407-492-6572

Patrick: technical translation (English/French) | +33 (0) 322 235 891

Sharon: copywriting, research, creative writing, poetry, & bookkeeping | 1-561-389-4865
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